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10 fun date nights at home (that don’t involve Netflix + chill)

Today is the one day designated for celebrating love and friendship. Every year when this holiday rolls around, the pressure is on to purchase a gift that sums up your love for your SO. It’s impossible to enter a store and not see their overstock of mylar balloons with cheesy sayings, boxes of heart shaped chocolates, and don’t even get me started on those over priced red roses (insert eye roll) All things that won’t last more than a week. Yet, we buy into it in an attempt to show just how much we care. But the thing is that love isn’t something that can be bought. Love is a feeling that should be expressed and celebrated year round.

I’m sharing with you 10 easy date nights to do just that, this Valentine’s Day and any other day of the year. All of them require little to no prep and can be done from the comfort of home. These are some of the ways my husband and I clebrate our love and keep the flame lit in our relationship, after nearly 17 years together. Be forewarned: we’re expecting our fifth baby, so know that results are tested and proven. (use these suggestions at your own risk)

1. Setup a romantic picnic in your living room or bedroom. Throw blankets and pillows on the floor, pour some bubbly, and serve your favorite snacks. Set the mood by hanging some twinkling lights or lighting some candles. Go all out with one of those fancy fireplace screensavers on your smart tv and soak in the good vibes

2. Watch your wedding video! Grab some popcorn and tissues and relive one of the best days of your life all over again. No video? Flip through your wedding album instead. We do this often and will also look through a scrapbook from our honeymoon that I put together

4. Have a tasting party for two. Get in touch with your foodie side by exploring new gourmet treats. Don’t overthink it, set a theme and run with it. Some ideas are: dessert night, cheese night, etc. We love to pick a country and try all kinds of snacks from there. Another suggestion is to have a blind tasting. Take turns blindfolding and feeding each other a nibble of mystery foods

5. Read a book together. Take turns reading aloud for just a few minutes each night, instead of staring at your phone screen silently. I highly recommend The Five Love Languages and the companion devotional, it has transformed our marriage into the strong unbreakable bond it is today. But really any book of your liking is great

6. Bring out the artist in you with a paint night to create your own masterpiece. All you need is a few supplies that can be picked up at any craft store like canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, and a good YouTube tutorial. Let your imagination run wild and sketch like Leo and Kate. Titanic fans will understand

7. Cook a favorite meal together. Make things easier on yourself by picking up a meal kit like Home Chef (found at Kroger) Be sure to wear matching aprons, additional clothing optional

8. Workout together! No need for a gym membership, just follow an exercise video on the tube. Try partner yoga (our personal favorite) for a super intimate workout that is sure to draw you closer

9. Feel like a kid again by pranking your children in their sleep. Some of the things we’ve tried are tp’ing their bedrooms, putting smallrocks in all their shoes, and hiding all their chargers. We have tons of fun trying to be super quiet and not getting caught

10. Write a few short love notes and leave them in places where your partner is sure to find them throughout the day. Sticky notes are perfect for this. Leave them on the mirror, their clothes pocket, inside their lunchbox, on the car window, etc. Your partner will feel loved all day long and will be smiling all the way home

It’s not too late to make one of these ideas part of your Valentine’s Day plans or to incorporate them as date nights throughout the year. Please let me know how it goes, if you end up trying any of these!

2 thoughts on “10 fun date nights at home (that don’t involve Netflix + chill)”

  1. Excellent list! Everyone should read this and have permission to do what feels right. It’s those little moments that matter, for richer or poorer, sickness and health. All of the lottle moments make the big differences. I love the living room picnic one. Maybe add in a baby sitter..haha

  2. Girl!!! I was ROFLing with the Titanic suggestion!!! 😂😂😂 And I loved that the tips are proven, too! I’ll be happy to try some out! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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