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5 reasons for Tea Time in our homeschool + a giveaway

This post is made possible by Empty Nest Homegoods who kindly gifted all paper party goods shown below


March is National Reading Month and like in any homeschooler’s household, reading is a big part of our daily life, and any reason to grow our book collection is a cause for celebration! Earlier this month, we decided to focus on classical literature and introduced a few beloved authors, including Jane Austen. This inspired an English styled tea time, with all the fixings and a couple of our homeschooling friends.


Tea time is something my children have grown accustomed to, as we’ve been doing it for the last three years, and it is always the highlight of our week. Yes, I said children, which includes my boys. Whoever said tea parties are just for girls! It’s never as elegant as these photos show, but this one was a special occasion with friends, so we went all out and even added decorations.

Typically on Wednesday afternoons, we set the table for tea and a treat as part of our learning time. Sometimes we do poetry or I read aloud, other times we engage in conversation, we may explore an art piece and its creator, or do some self reflection in our journals while listening to classical music. There are several reasons why I choose to have Tea Time with my kids, but the most important ones are:

• as a way of promoting proper table etiquette, without ‘nagging’
• to teach the art of being present during face to face conversation
• to cultivate an appreciation for poetry, literature, music, and art
• to foster independence: making a proper tea, setting the table, pouring, drinking/eating from ‘fancy’ (not plastic) tableware
• it helps the children self regulate and unwind, while bringing peace to our homeschool


It doesn’t have to be National Reading Month and you definitely don’t need to be a homeschooler to start this Tea Time tradition with your own kids. This can easily be adapted for younger ages too. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate, start simple. You can even start with a play tea set and include their favorite doll or stuffed animal. Make it extra special by inviting a grandparent or other special guest to join you! Just be sure to keep expectations realistic when involving young kids. They may not want to sit for very long and spills will likely happen, but if you are consistent, this will become a lovely ritual that your kids will remember fondly and who knows, they might even continue it with their own children one day.


Are you feeling inspired to try tea time with your kids? I want to gift one of you a Tea Time Starter Kit assembled by me which will include some of my favorite herbal teas, a book club party set by Empty Nest Homegoods (pictured here) and one of our favorite poetry books for children. Head to my latest Instagram post to enter


4 thoughts on “5 reasons for Tea Time in our homeschool + a giveaway”

  1. This is amazing and what a legacy you are passing along. We in my family love love love Tea. However, the thought of actual tea time is amazing. Keep doing it, and keep those traditions. Here’s how i think of it, imagine your kids as parents showing their kids, this is what we did with grandma and i cherished those moments. -Legacy

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