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a simple exercise for an intentional new year – free printable

As we approach a new cycle around the sun for 2019, I start to reflect on all of my experiences from the year. I ponder on what I accomplished, what I learned, and what I’m most thankful for. I think of my favorite and even the not so wonderful moments and what lessons each experience has taught me. I like to write it all down in my journal as a way to end the year with a gracious heart and leave the negativity of the past behind. I then do the same with my vision for the new year.


Rather than making resolutions, I like to set intentions that keep me mindful of what I hope to create for myself in the new year. Intentions serve as a road map that allows for detours, without harsh expectations that can lead to disappointment. Intentions focus on aligning the heart and the mind, instead of forcing a tangible result. For example, rather than “losing weight” an intention would look something like: “take time to care for my health and my body to live a more active lifestyle”

I have created two simple worksheets to help make 2019 your year of intention. To make the most of these free printables, try to implement the following steps when filling them out:

  1. Get rid of distractions. I like to do this when the kids are busy playing outside or once they’ve gone to bed so I won’t have interruptions
  2. Create a peaceful environment. I sit in a comfy chair in a corner of my living room with a blanket on my lap, and my favorite essential oil diffusing. You could light a candle, burn sage, or play music.
  3. Take time to reflect. Intentions should not be forced, they should come from the heart. Take the time to feel before you write.
  4. Make your intentions visible. Keep your intentions for the new year in a spot that you spend a lot of your time so you revisit them frequently. I hang mine right next to my mirror so I can see them daily.

This little ritual of mine truly helps me to find closure over the passing year and open my heart to the blessings of the upcoming year with a renewed, positive energy and I hope it does the same for you. May your new year be filled with light, positivity, and opportunities for growth!

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